Sam Raimi Signs to Direct Warcraft Movie

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Blizzard Entertainment and production company Legendary Pictures announced on Wednesday that Spider-Man director Sam Raimi has signed on to direct an upcoming movie based on the Warcraft universe, which has been featured in three strategy games, along with accompanying expansion packs, and a very popular MMORPG, World of Warcraft.

Mr. Raimi was known as a horror director, most prominently for The Evil Dead, before directing the three Spider-Man films. His most recent project was a return to his roots with Drag Me to Hell. His company, Stars Road Entertainment, will produce the film alongside Charles Roven's Atlas Entertainment, which was involved in last year's box office hit The Dark Knight. Warner Bros. will distribute the film to theaters.

Paul Sams, chief operating officer of Blizzard Entertainment, said in a press release: "Blizzard Entertainment and Legendary Pictures have a shared vision for this film and we searched at length to find the very best director to bring that vision to life. From our first conversation with Sam, we could tell he was the perfect choice. Sam knows how to simultaneously satisfy the enthusiasts and the mainstream audience that might be experiencing that content for the first time. We're looking forward to working with him to achieve that here."

Further information about the Warcraft movie, including the storyline, casting, and a release date, is currently pending.




I thought Evil Dead was a comedy.


Evil Dead was a horror with slight comedy. Evil Dead III was more comedy than horror. Hercules and Xena was comedy dramas and now Legend of the Seeker is all drama and now comedy. I hope Warcraft brings back the Hecules/Xena comedy rather than the more serious Seeker series or heaven forbid a Warcraft Horror film..

Maybe we can get an Evil Dead III chainsaw vs. Warcraft/Gatorade Sword fight scene in a grocery store to bring back some injokes.


Evil Dead III was called “Army of Darkness”.  While I’m a fan of Sam Raimi’s work, and a fan of the WoW franchise, I have to say I’m not expecting this movie to be any good at all.  Historically, movies inspired from video games have done nothing but lower the bar in movie making standards, and I just can’t see this project being any different.

Dean Lewis

Somewhere, Uwe Boll is crying.

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