Sam’s Club to Sell Apple’s iPad & iPhone

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Sam’s Club is to begin selling Apple’s iPad and iPhone, adding yet another major brick and mortar outlet to its retail presence. The warehouse member’s club made the announcement in a conference call with investors on Wednesday, according to the AP.

Sam’s Club is a division of Wal-Mart, which announced earlier this week that it, too, would sell the iPad starting on October 15th. Target and Best Buy have also been announced as retail distribution points for Apple’s market-defining tablet.

In September, Best Buy CEO Brian Dun waxed eloquent when he announced his company would expand sales of the device to his company’s entire fleet of stores, calling the device a “Magnificent shining light.”

Sam’s club will be adding iPads and iPhones to its jewelry and electronics areas.


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It looks as if Steve has not intention of letting Android do to iOS devices what Windows did to the Mac.


Corretion:  In the foregoing, “not” should be “no.”



Agreed, Nemo. I don’t ever recall Apple pursuing such an aggressive retail presence. The lead that the iPad will have once Android tablets come to market will be extraordinary.


Who wants a tablet running Windows?  Akward!!!!!!!


If Apple can size up our minds before we do then all will be well on this avenue of Steve World, but I suspect, one size may not fit all. Covering his aspects as he does with the his entertainment miracle, this part of the Apple cart might be as hegemonic as the iPod clan. The price of the iPad is so unApple, though, I wonder if Steve doesn’t see longevity and world domination here more profitable and more likely than the phone business.

Phones seem so consumable, life spans in gnat time. The iPhone was a brilliant entry device for quick profit when no one else had a clue what to do; but maybe more than that it’s a great device for testing the uncharted heavens of handheld computer devices. Has the iPhone so consumed the competition that their eyes strayed away from the future and profitability of tablet computers?

I wouldn’t put anything past that cagey prophet.

Ipad and iPhone are so power! collaborate with Target and walmart, the two power retailers.I believe that so hot product will make walmart store making more profit and expanding the popularity. Indeed,ipad is so fantastic!now ,i am a ipad user , i use my ipad playing games, whach movies, sending e-mail ect.  i maily use my ipad to enjoy movies, as i am a movie fan, i purchase a ipad chair and Aneesoft ipad video converter , i watch videos everyday and i never go to the cinema , at the same time, ipad as a tool of Mobile Office is also Applied and fashion for many enterprises , in a word, ipad are more and more applied by us in life .

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