Samsung Announces Gold Galaxy S4 for a "Style that's Uniquely Yours"

Samsung announced a gold Galaxy S4, promising everyone who is somehow unaware of Apple's gold iPhone 5s "a style that's uniquely yours." The company made the announcement via its SamsungMobileME Twitter account, and it included a picture (below) that lets us know "Elegance is a touch of gold."



Back in the day, it was Microsoft that eternally followed along in Apple's shadow blithely claiming new and innovative features that Apple had ushered in. Samsung's case of Apple-envy today dwarfs anything we saw from Big Redmond.

I'm not saying that Apple releasing a gold-colored iPhone 5s is innovative, but it's impossible to look at this tweet and that picture without thinking that Samsung is desperate to do everything it can to out-Apple Apple.

And to then claim it's "a style that's uniquely yours?" That part is just weird. Of course, there are legions of deluded Android fans who think that Apple copies Samsung and that Samsung is the innovative company—despite all information to the contrary—so maybe some people will see this as a "style that's uniquely yours."