Samsung to Take On Apple Pay with Cleverly Named Samsung Pay

Samsung put on its innovation cap and came up with a plan to take on Apple's Apple Pay mobile payment platform with its own Samsung Pay. The creatively named service will reportedly debut during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona at the beginning of March.

Samsung Pay. It's like Apple Pay. A lot like Apple Pay.Samsung Pay. It's like Apple Pay. A lot like Apple Pay.

Samsung Pay will be unveiled along with Samsung's new Galaxy S6 smartphone, according to SamMobile, and is teaming up with Visa to promote the mobile payment platform.

Apple introduced Apple Pay as a way for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus owners to make credit card payments at retailers without using their physical card. The system uses NFC technology built into credit card readers and the iPhone to wirelessly process transactions.

NFC-based payments aren't an Apple-only feature. Google's own Google Wallet does the same, but didn't attract much interest until Apple Pay was launched.

Samsung wants in on the mobile payment action, too, now that Apple Pay is gaining popularity. It's cleverly named Samsung Pay platform will be a foot in the door, and the planned Touch ID-style fingerprint sensor for the Galaxy S6 will add an Apple-like authentication level to the payment system.

From Samsung's perspective, this is all no doubt a fresh and original system and even the platform's name is unique. Similarities to Apple Pay are simply coincidence, or the natural progression of the market.

While NFC-based smartphone payment systems aren't exclusively Apple's domain, it still feels like Samsung is copying the Cupertino company just as it did with its Android-based smartphone and tablet designs. Apparently Samsung Wallet or Samsung Purse just didn't do it for the company.