Samsung Wants the World to Know It Had Gold Phones FIRST so SHUT UP!

Samsung plumbed new depths of "WTF?" on Friday by publishing a blog post titled, "‘Golden’ History of Samsung Phones [Editorial]." The point of the piece appears to be to answer critics who said Samsung's new gold Galaxy S4 copied Apple's gold iPhone 5s by shouting that the gold GS4 was available in Arabia on September 8th, two days before Apple unveiled the gold iPhone 5s on September 10th.

Just in case that's not clear, Samsung emphasized its point by circling the dates on a calendar in the first image in the blog post.



In addition, Samsung is using the hash tag—and I am not making this up—#8before10 on its Samsung Mobile Arabia Facebook page. Of course, the first image of a gold Galaxy S4 that appears on that page was posted on September 24th, but I assume the company is telling the truth because it's hard to believe even Samsung would make up as pointless a lie as that.

Back to the [EDITORIAL] posted on Samsung's blog, the post attributed to Tomorrow Works starts off with, "By now you probably know that aliens work with Samsung, well so do some gods – Midas, to name one."

Never mind that Midas was a human cursed/gifted by the gods, not a god. That's just semantics, or accuracy, as I like to call it, but let's move on.

"About a month ago on August 27th," Tomorrow Works wrote, "Samsung launched the GALAXY S4 Gold edition in the United Arab Emirates (These were available in stores starting September 8th). It’s since also been released in Kuwait and Qatar."

There was a link to the Facebook page mentioned above included in that passage, because of all the haters saying that Samsung copied Apple by announcing this thing. Samsung needs to represent because haters gonna hate and Samsung does not play that way.

And to further hammer home the point that Samsung is the innovative company—and stop saying they copied!—Tomorrow Works pointed to eight other phones in Samsung's illustrious history that were gold, rose gold, and some sort of very unattractive flavor of gold.

Comedy Gold

A Wealth of Embarrassments

All of this proves Samsung's excellent pedigree in making gold phones and that the company was in no way copying Apple's stupid little gold iPhone 5s and SHUTUP!

The reality is that images of a gold iPhone 5s leaked in early August, well before September 10th. A couple of weeks almost assuredly isn't enough time to develop a new case for a smartphone, even for a company with Samsung's prodigious manufacturing capabilities.

So it's likely that Samsung was working on this option before Apple's leaked product images leaked, and whether or not it was Apple or Samsung that started working on a gold colored option first is immaterial.

What is material is how desperate Samsung is to be perceived as an innovator. In most cases, if you're the one screaming that kind of message, there's a reason why you're the one doing the screaming—it's not true.

After all, we're talking about a company that had to resort to proving that Apple invented the rubber band effect in the original iPhone to get Apple's patent for that effect declared invalid in Germany. If that's not a sign of corporate moral and intellectual bankruptcy, I don't know what is.

To me, Samsung's posturing and whining is proof of just one thing: the company is a source of comedy gold.