Samsung Loses Early Bid to Block iPhone 4S in Italy

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Judges in Milan, Italy, have rejected Samsung’s request to have Apple’s iPhone 4S banned in Italy ahead of its October 28th release, according to a report from Italian publication AGI. The case isn’t over, however, and the judge agreed to allow both Apple and Samsung to submit further evidence before another hearing scheduled for December 16th.

Apple vs. Samsung

Samsung has accused Apple of infringing on patents covered by FRAND licensing agreements in an attempt to defend itself against Apple’s own patent infringement claims regarding Samsung’s Galaxy line of Android devices.

So far, Samsung has not been able to persuade any courts or regulatory bodies to bar Apple’ products around the world, but Apple has won injunctions in Germany and Australia, and has active cases against Samsung in several more countries, including the U.S.

In the meanwhile, Apple’s iPhone 4S launch will continue in Italy.



So far, Samsung has not been able to persuade any courts or regulatory bodies to bar Apple? products around the world…

Aww, too bad.


It’s becoming pretty clear that Samsung has nothing actionable and that their lawsuits exist in a fruitless to attempt to force Apple to just accept that Samsung is going to produce products that mimic the iPhone and iPad in every conceivable detail from product to specs to packaging to app logos to functionality to connector and charger to application and system interface.

Doesn’t seem to be working out to well for them. Meanwhile MS sits back and collects more money from Android than Google does. It won’t surprise me if Oracle soon does likewise.


Samsung thinks different. It doesn?t seem to understand that when court after court rejects your claims and those same courts sanction you, your boat is without paddle and rudder, along with any sense and a pail to bail.


Or maybe Samsung has a very twisted sense of humour.

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