SanDisk Introduces Memory Vault to Store Memories for 100 Years

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NEW YORK, NY — At the recent PhotoPlus Expo, SanDisk was showing their new Memory Vault device, which can retain content for up to 100 years. Bob O’Keefe, VP of Retail Marketing, told The Mac Observer more about this product.

The Memory Vault contains a proprietary ASIC controller, non-volatile memory, and a system firmware to tie the two together. It comes in a sturdy metal enclosure, and sports a mini USB 2.0 port for data transfer. It also has an LED that, as it blinks faster, alerts the user they are approaching “preserve-only” mode. Once the drive enters “preserve-only” mode, the indicator will cease blinking and remain lit.  

SanDisk Memory Vault

In order to have quantifiable data to show how the Memory Vault Chronolock technology can support 100 year data retention, accelerated temperature cycling and the Arrhenius acceleration factor was used to simulate the effects to data retention over long durations of memory usage.

The 8 GB Memory Vault is US$49.99, and the 16 GB Memory Vault is US$79.99.

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Oh, c’mon, SanDisk, how many of Edison’s wax cylinder players remain in active use today?

How many punch-card readers? Floppy drives?

And what’s already happening with optical drives and USB 2.0?

With the steady evolution of connectivity, what good does it do to claim a century of data integrity?

Feh. Empty adspeak. Guarantee me reading-writing for, say, 3-5 years, price it sensibly instead of exorbitantly, and we’re fine.


My thoughts exactly. Mini USB is likely to be as hard to find in 50-75 years as arch supports for a Diplodocus are today.


You guys are not fun.

How about just giving advice on how to properly seal century containers, depth, environment and tracking. Tracking is particularly important because, while your data may be secure, one?s memory mayn?t be so reliable, ?specially in a hundred years.


In 100 years you won’t have hardware or software to get the data from the vault. Cost per GB is to high. USB 2.0 won’t be around . It would be like 8track tape in your hand now with nothing to play on it. DOA

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