Satire Video ‘Reveals’ iPhone 5 Used Only for Food Pics

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A video satire has been “leaked” to YouTube that reveals Apple market research has discovered that iPhone owners only use their iDevice to take pictures of their food. As such, the company has optimized the iPhone 5 for this purpose, as shown in the image below.

iPhone 5 Satire Video Frame

Behold the iPhone 5!

The video was created by Adam Sacks of Adam Thinks. You’ll find a bunch of other videos on Mr. Sacks’s site. We’ve embedded the leaked iPhone 5 video below.

Warning: If you don’t find this video entertaining, it’s probably striking a little too close to home.

LEAKED Official Apple iPhone 5 Promo Video - Keynote 2012


David Winograd

It seems more sad than funny.


It seems more sad than funny.


I think it would sad if it reflected a solid reality, but the only person I know who is like this, uses a Blackberry, and yes, he’s always posting photos of the food he’s eating… I don’t know anybody else who is anywhere near close to this video, certainly not iPhone users. grin


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