Schneider Expands iPhone Photography Options with iPro Lens System

NEW YORK, NY — At the recent PhotoPlus Expo, Schneider was demonstrating the iPro Lens System, a group of components that give your iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S more options when it comes to taking photos. Ryan Avery, Sales Manager, demonstrated the features of this system to us.

The first component is a study metal case that both protects your iPhone, but also provides two tripod mounts, as well as enabling the attachment of the additional lenses contained in the kit.  The second component is a combination handle/lens case. It can be a handle, when attached to the case, to help stabilize shots, used as a tripod mount adapter, but also acts as a case to store the lenses.

iPro Lens System

The final components of the system are two additional lenses which let you take shots that just aren’t possible with the built-in lens. One is a fisheye lens, which offers a 160 degree field of view for stills (versus 62 for iPhone) 120 degree field of view for video (versus 46 for iPhone) 12 mm focal length for stills (versus 30 mm for iPhone) and 16 mm focal length for video (versus 42 mm for iPhone).  The other lens is a wide angle lens that provides 35% wider field of view than the iPhone, with 86 degrees for stills, 70 degrees for video, 19 mm focal length for stills, and 26 mm focal length for video.

The iPro Lens System is now available for US$199.