Scrabble Plus Offers New Tricks For Old Words

| Games on Friday announced the release of Scrabble Plus, which is available as a digital download through the site and via the Mac Games Arcade application.

The game features traditional Scrabble gameplay as well as Scrabble Golf, in which players try to reach the green by assembling the longest words, Scrabble Battle, in which players control territories through words, and Scrabble Wizard, which offers new challenges to long-time players. Each variant includes two or three variations of its own, for a total of eight Scrabble iterations.

Scrabble Golf

Pricing is US$19.95 and Mac OS X version 10.5 is required.

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Excuse me being pedantic. I try not to be. However, here’s some free advice. Don’t capitalize every word in a headline. It makes it difficult to read. Of course, that’s my opinion, but doesn’t…

“Scrabble Plus offers new tricks for old words”

...make the name of the game easier to identify?

As it stands, a fully capitalized heading could be suggesting that a company/organisation/developer called Scrabble Plus is offering a new product called New Tricks for Old Words.

Call me old-fashioned if you must and I’m sure I’ll get howled down by someone but IMHO using capitals only for nouns makes reading headlines easier - especially when you’re scanning an RSS feed and trying to identify key words.

Am I alone? Or, according to TMO style: “Am I Alone?”

Brad Cook

Duly noted. We shall change every headline on the web site. Thanks.


Going forward, Brad. Going forward. No need to be cocky.

Laurie Fleming

Chris, didn’t you mean to type, “Excuse my being pedantic”?


Don?t capitalize every word in a headline

Have you read many newspapers or news reports on the Internet lately? Headlines have traditionally been capitalized in the world of media - at least as far back as I can remember - and as a senior, that’s pretty far back.

A look at The New York Times today shows both capitalized first letters, and, in many cases, ALL letters capitalized in titles. Although I understand your point, I can’t imagine asking all news media to not capitalize headlines.

You seem to be far ahead of of the times (or would that be Times?).

What really gets my craw are those who don’t bother to capitalize anything, even the first letter of each sentence, as is often the case in text-messaging. I feel if you take the time to write it, also take the time to write it properly. Call me old fashion, go ahead, I AM old fashion.


I neglected to add, excuse my being pedantic as well. Sorry.


Chris, didn?t you mean to type, ?Excuse my being pedantic??

Of course I did. Well spotted.

It’s a curious thing but a scan of newspaper websites in different countries/continents reveals the capitalization (I’m using the “z” only to satisfy our American friends, BTW) of each word in a headline appears to be an American habit. Notwithstanding the possibility that online styles may be different to print, you find the South China Morning Post, Sydney Morning Herald, Times of India, Independent (Durban), the Times of London and, Laurie, even the NZ Herald each using capitals only for the first word and nouns.

The New York Times is, indeed, a rampant capitalizer, as is the Washington Post. It would appear an American style, so From Now On, To Make Any Sense Of What I Might Post In These Forums, It Would Be Perfectly Acceptable To Capitalize Every Word - Just So Our American Friends, Whom I Believe To Be The Core Readership At TMO, Might Find It Easier To Follow.

Silly Me, Thinking Otherwise. I mean to say, if American Publishers Capitalize Every Word, It Must Be The Correct Way. Excuse My Antipodean Cultural Imperialism.

And I Leave You With This Headline…

Games: Puzzle Game Harvest Moon: Frantic Farming Sprouts on the App Store

Just what is the name of the game? Is it “Harvest Moon: Frantic Farming” or “Harvest Moon: Frantic Farming Sprouts”?

Laurie Fleming

Laurie Fleming said: Chris, didn?t you mean to type, ?Excuse my being pedantic??
Of course I did. Well spotted.

Thank you - it’s not often I get a straight line like that!

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