Seagate Intros 4TB GoFlex Desk Hard Drive

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Seagate announced the immediate availability of its new 4TB GoFlex Desk hard drive on Wednesday. The company said this is the first desktop hard drive to offer 4TB of storage in the same size case as a 1TB or 2TB drive.

Seagate's 4TB GoFlex Desk hard driveSeagate’s 4TB GoFlex Desk hard drive

The GoFlex Desk includes FireWire 800 and USB 3.0 ports, is backwards compatible with USB 2.0, and shows how much storage space is available with a lighted indicator.

The 4TB GoFlex Desk is priced at US$249.99.

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Unbelievable. Does anyone here remember the early 90s, when the best “mass storage” option was a removable SyQuest drive? The cartridges were about the size of a large take-out pizza, and stored a whopping 80 megs.


Hooray! I hope to see 3TB drives dropping in price soon. And maybe this will pressure Drobo just a tad more to finish updating 2nd generation Drobos to support drives over 2TB.



I just broke into a cold sweat and shuddered a little.


a removable SyQuest drive

Oh man does that bring back memories. Not good ones mind you. Then they were replaced with the 100Mb ZIP drive which promised to be much more reliable, then the Click Of Death appeared. Then CD writers came out and we started backing up to disk, and ended up with boxes of CDs from old backups.

Yeah, 4Tb is amazing.



Ah yes, the Iomega Zip drive. That has to have the record of going from new product, to universal adoption (remember those colored disks?), to complete abandonment faster than any other product I recall on the tech landscape. I mean, one minute everyone had a Zip drive (and Apple was building them into Macs), then all of the sudden, POOF! Gone and forgotten.

Ross Edwards

This is fantastic, though a bit expensive considering you can lay hands on a 3TB drive at Fry’s Electronics for $140.  Or two 2TB drives for $80+$80.

There are interesting ramifications to the fact that, like the 3TB drives, there is no more FAT32 for this.  We don’t care if we are attaching it to our Macs and streaming to our destination device (if we’re streaming at all), but it’s relevant to people who have TVs or game consoles or what have you that read from external media.  The Xbox 360 and PS3, Samsung TVs and BR players, and so forth, can’t read ExFAT, only pre-S 360s can read HFS+, and though Samsung’s media OS can read NTFS, NTFS should never be used for a disconnectable external device.  Virtually all 4TB drives will (or should, at least) be formatted to ExFAT or HFS+, and the majority will be the former.  Until the playback devices catch up, that may cause a hiccup in adoption.  This may be why we were stuck at 2TB for so long, and kind of still are—I suspect that >2TB drive sales remain a tiny percentage of the total market for external media.

Mainly I’m excited because this increases the odds that there will be an iMac refresh sometime soon with an internal 4TB as an option.  That plus an SSD for the OS and you’re talking about a very, very capable machine.  Come on, Apple… make it happen!


My old SyQuest EZ135 was awesome. That was when my internal HD was only 160MB, and the alternative was floppies, so 135 was massive. My old disks and drive still work, AFAIK.

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