Searching iTunes Now Faster And Easier With Tool

Searching in iTunes has never been a very good experience, and now is looking to fix that. Developed by Jeremy Mack and Ryann Pierce, the new search tool was launched this week.

Using Apple's own API to get results, fnd shows the results in tabs. You can look at all the sections of the store, or at each section individually. If you're searching for something vague or common words, then this is a quick way to narrow down results. Also, there is a scrolling list, which is sometimes more useful than the card view in the App Store.

Search page and results page for fnd.

Not only can you fire up the browser of your choice and hit the site, but you can also search on fnd using other methods. Specifically, Launch Center Pro and Alfred are listed on this integration page. There are also bookmarklets for desktop use, one for searching fnd quickly, and one for converting the page into a link that doesn't demand opening iTunes. MacStories has more from Jeremy Mack about fnd and where he'd like to see it go in the future.