Seeking Alpha: Fire Steve Ballmer

The Microsoft, Yahoo! deal has Steve Ballmer caught up in internal company politics and is making him look bad, according to Seeking Alpha on Monday. While the two companies have stared each other down, Mr. Ballmer, has vacillated, shown weakness and should be fired.

Paul Kedrosky described what he thinks is going on. Yahoo! wants more more money but wonit say it. Microsoft is confused and sensing weakness in Mr. Ballmer who, apparently, has no idea how to pull off the deal.

"What should happen is this," Mr. Kedrosky wrote. "Ballmer should re-canvass Yahoois largest shareholders and ask what firm price in cash would get them on-board, and then offer it. No more futzing through middlemen bankers, just ask and deliver."

However, he doubts Mr. Ballmer will do it because of internal Microsoft politics and his own increasing impotence.

The recipe for action, according to Mr. Kedrosky: Fire Ballmer.