Shorten Long URLs with Thurly Plugin for Safari

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Elixir announced the release of Thurly 1.0 on Wednesday. Thurly is a plugin for Apple Safari that allows users to shorten long URLs and easily post them on Twitter, directly from within Safari.

A keyboard shortcut allows Thurly to automatically shorten the URL of a Web page. From there users can copy the shortened URL out to use elsewhere. Thurly also allows users to post to Twitter from the main interface. It populates the Status field with a shortened URL. Click "Tweet" or press Command-Enter and the post lands in Twitter updates.

Registration for a single user license is US$4.95, and a multiple user license pack of 5 is US$11.95 at the Thurly site.

Thurly 1.0 Screen Shot

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Stephen Swift

It’d be nice if it detected the shorturl link.  Many sites are starting to support this tag including Daring Fireball and TMO. 

The 2 main advantages I see are:
1) As long as we’re in business, our shorturls will operate.
2) When you see a link, you know it’s a safe URL that’ll be directing you to a TMO page.

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