Sign Up For the TMO Express For a Chance To Win a PC TrickleSaver

The good folks at TrickleStar have provided us with three (yes, 3!) PC TrickleSaver units to award to subscribers of the TMO Express, our daily newsletter that includes all of the TMO and iPO headlines and news briefs each day.

The PC TrickleSaver is a device that lets you automatically reduce the standby power that is consumed by your Mac's accessory devices. It operates on a simple Master / Slave principle where your Mac is  the “Master” and the accessory devices are the “Slaves”. The PC TrickleSaver connects to your Mac via a standard USB cable and, using current sensing circuitry, senses when your Mac is On or Off and switches the accessories accordingly. Visit TrickleStar's online calculator to figure out just how much power you'll save with one of these hooked up to your Mac!

The PC TrickleSaver

The contest will run until midnight Eastern time on Thursday, August 20th.  All you have to do is make sure you're signed up for the TMO Express by then and you'll be entered to win. We'll then draw three winners at random and notify each directly. If you're already signed up and receiving the TMO Express, there's nothing left to do. Otherwise, head on over, enter your email address and sign-up today!