SiK Announces rex IR Remote

SiK, Inc. announced on Thursday the rex IR remote for Macs. The Front Row compatible infrared remote control is designed to be stored in the ExpressCard/34 slot of the Apple MacBook Pro.

While the rex duplicates the functionality of the Apple IR remote, it has the additional feature of fitting in the ExpressCard slot for easy transport when not in use.

"rex is fully compatible with TwistedMelonis Mira software. With Mira you can control dozens of applications with the built-in profiles or create your custom profiles and button actions. rex also supports mira-compatible external IR receivers," according to the announcement.

The rex has a 30 ft (9 m.) range, a replaceable battery and is compatible with all Apple products released in 2005 or later with a built-in IR receiver. Rex is available immediately and is priced at US$25.95.

rex IR Remote