SiteGrinder 3 Offers 300+ New Features for Photoshop Web Dev


Media Lab this week announced SiteGrinder 3, which includes more than 300 new features for its web development platform that lets designers create web pages from Adobe Photoshop files. It also offers two new optional add-ons: Commerce, which builds web stores with fully-integrated shopping carts; and Content, which enables web site content management via a web browser.

SiteGrinder is aimed at those who want to create web pages without writing code. It can turn any Photoshop design into a CSS and XHTML standards-compliant web page fully editable by Dreamweaver or any other CSS or HTML editor. The new features in version 3 include multiple column resizing, three-state button support, and more.

SiteGrinder 3 will ship March 29 for US$399. SiteGrinder 2 Pro users can upgrade ahead of the release for $99. Anyone who bought SiteGrinder 2 Pro since January 1, 2010 will receive a free upgrade. Bundles with the Commerce and Control add-ons are available.