SK Telecom May get iPhone 4 in March

SK Telecom, South Korea’s largest cell service provider, is apparently in the final stages of negotiating with Apple and may start selling the iPhone 4 as early as March. Assuming the deal comes together, the company will become the second iPhone 4 carrier in the country behind KT Corp.

SK Telecom may start selling the iPhone 4

An unnamed source claiming to have inside information about the deal told The Korea Herald, “Negotiations between SK Telecom and Apple are in the final stage.”

A deal with SK Telecom would give Apple access to about half of South Korea’s wireless market, giving the company yet another potential boost in sales.

SK Telecom’s timing may, however, put its iPhone 4 launch close to Apple’s launch window for the next iPhone version. The company has historically introduced new iPhone models in late June or early July, which is only a couple months after SK’s expected launch.

Apple and SK Telecom representatives have not commented on the rumored negotiations.