SK Telecom Working on South Korea iPhone, iPad Deal

South Korea’s SK Telecom is apparently negotiating with Apple to become the second iPhone carrier in the country. The company is also in talks with Apple to carry the 3G-enabled iPad in South Korea, too, according to the Wall Street Journal.

“We are currently in talks with Apple to offer both the iPhone and the iPad, but there are some noises about problems with the latest iPhone, so we’re worried,” said SK Telecom CEO Man-won Jung.

Mr. Jung’s concerns are over signal strength issues some iPhone 4 owners have been experiencing when holding their phone so the lower left corner of the device is covered. Apple issued a statement on July 2 claiming the problem is software-related and that a fix is on the way.

So far, Apple’s only iPhone partner in the country is KT. The Cupertino-based company hasn’t struck any iPad deals in South Korea yet.

Mr. Jung didn’t say how far along the negotiations with Apple have progressed, nor did he offer any idea as to when the iPhone might be available through SK Telecom.