Skooba Adds Two New Checkpoint-Friendly Laptop Bags

Checkthrough Roller Interior
Skooba Checkthrough Roller Interior

Skooba Design announced Wednesday two additions to its Checkthrough product line of "checkpoint-friendly" laptop bags, Checkthrough Backpack and Checkthrough Roller. Both bags were designed in consultation with the U.S. Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to facilitate faster airport security checkpoint inspections, sometimes without having to remove your laptop from the bag itself.

Checkthrough Backpack is hinged in the middle, which allows you to separate and isolate the laptop compartment from the rest of the bag. The laptop can be seen through a clear window, and if placed properly according to Skooba, it can be sent through the TSA's X-Ray machine without removing it from the bag. In addition, the bag is designed to securely hold its content in either the zipped or unzipped position.

The Checkthrough Roller also has a hinged laptop compartment, which performs similarly to the Backpack described above. The bag rolls on urethane skate wheels.

Both bags have a weather-repellant ballistic exterior fabric, nickle-finished hardware, pocket organizers, pouches for allowable liquids, and pockets (20 in the Backpack, 18 in the Roller).

The Backpack retails for US$129.95, while the the Roller retails for $189.95.

Skooba Checkthrough Backpack and Roller

Skooba Checkthrough Backpack and Roller