Skype Update Adds Mountain Lion Support

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Skype announced the immediate availability of Skype 5.8 for the Mac on Thursday. The update for the online chat application added support for next month’s release of OS X Mountain Lion, and added a new Contacts Monitor window for quickly seeing which friends are online.

Skype 5.8 for the MacSkype 5.8 for the Mac

A new feature for Mac users that has been available for some time for Windows users is group screen sharing. The feature lets up to ten Skype users group video chat assuming at least one of the participants has a Skype Premium subscription.

The update also auto-detects when mobile Skype users change between landscape and portrait mode and changes the on-screen orientation, updated the full screen interface, and more.

The Skype 5.8 application is free, and available for download at the Skype website.



And, in case you missed what’s coming soon from skype:

Skype Announces: Advertising

“That’s not from an Onion article. That’s Skype’s official announcement.”
Found via Ars


I see no reason to update if they are going to throw an ad in my face. I wonder if this functionality is present in the current version of Skype for Mac?


This is for WINDOWS users… not MAc.. It pays to read beyond the headline. Cheers.

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