Slife Labs Releases Slife 1.0 Awareness Browser

Slife Labs announced on Thursday the immediate availability of their Slife 1.0 awareness browser for Mac OS X. Slife allows users to visualize, organize, and share their computer activities by interacting with applications like Safari, Mail, and iChat and keeping track of Web pages visited, e-mails read, music listened to, and so on.

"Slife 1.0 includes a wealth of features including graphical visualizations, the ability to tag and group activities, content searching and filtering, private mode and most notably, full compatibility with Slifeshare, a new online space developed by Slife Labs where users can share their digital activities and experiences with others as a means to stay in touch," according to Edison Thomaz, the president of Slife Labs.

TMO spoke with Mr. Thomaz who pointed out that the disposition of the user data uploaded to the server is covered in the privacy statement in their Website. No personally identifying information is collected and information uploaded to the server is basically metadata, information about information. For example, Web pages visited are tracked only by title and URL. In the interests of full disclosure, Mr. Thomaz hinted that aggregated data on the habits of users, devoid of personal information, might be marketed at some point, but this is not happening now.

Slife 1.0 requires Mac OS X 10.4 and at least 512 MB RAM. While the basic service and application are free and limit the sharing of information with only five friends, the premium service is priced at US$25 per year and is unlimited.