Smart Scroll X 2.2 Released

Smart Scroll X has been updated by the author to version 2.2. The new version adds Grab Scroll suport for Safari RSS and NewNewsWire. Grab Scroll features "coasting," just like the iPhone.

New features in version 2.2 include:

  • Grab Scroll support for Safariis RSS display.
  • Grab Scroll support for NetNewsWire.
  • Super Wheel and Grab Scroll support for Camino.
  • A "Scroll without moving cursor" option for Grab Scroll.
  • FileMaker Pro enhancements are now working again (broken since v2.1.1)

Smat Scroll X Preferences

Smart Scroll is a program that makes a scroll wheel smoother, faster, and more comfortable. The Grab Scroll feature allows the user to move any windowis contents, with coasting, just like the iPhone.

Smart Scroll X requires Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later. It is a Universal Binary and priced at US$19.00