SmileOnMyMac (et al) Extends Mac Switcher Bundle to March 31st

SmileOnMyMac, Agile Web Solutions, ManyTricks and ScreenCastsOnline have extended their Mac Switcher Bundle offer to March 31st. The Bundle packages three apps aimed at those Switching from Windows to the Mac, along with ten video tutorials for setting up and using your Mac, all for US$49.95.

More specifically, the bundle includes:

  • TextExpander (reg. $29.95, SmileOnMyMac): the typing shortcut utility that lets users create a custom library of snippets that can be invoked with short abbreviations
  • 1Password (reg. $39.95, Agile Web Solutions): password manager that makes it easy to securely login and shop online
  • Witch (reg. $12.95, ManyTricks): an Exposé alternative for Windows-like window switching via keyboard shortcuts
  • ScreenCastsOnline Special Switcher Series (value: $20) - a collection of 10 video tutorials covering such topics as Setting Up Your Mac, iWork, Preview, TextExpander and 1Password.

"We met many Mac switchers at Macworld and the response to the bundle has been great," Jean MacDonald of SmileOnMyMac said in a statement. "We decided it made sense to extend it a couple more months."

The companies involved have set up a dedicated Web site for the bundle, where you can purchase it.