Snow Leopard Coming in September, $29 Upgrades

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Apple announced that Mac OS X 10.6, or Snow Leopard, will ship in September, and that Mac OS X 10.5 users can upgrade for US$29. The upgrade price option marks a change in Apple's usual policy of charging $129 for new versions of its operating system.

Snow Leopard and the new MacBook Pro

Apple's Bertrand Serlet confirmed that Snow Leopard will run on all Intel-based Macs, removing the fear that some Intel-based models would be left behind.

Snow Leopard will include built-in Microsoft Exchange support, which means iCal, Address Book and Mail users will be able to more easily connect and exchange data with Exchange servers in the workplace. Interestingly, while Exchange Server support will be included with Mac OS X 10.6 at no extra cost, Windows users have to pay for that support.

Apple is clearly trying to make Snow Leopard an attractive upgrade based on pricing. Full copies of Mac OS X 10.6 will still cost $129, but the $29 upgrade price for Leopard users, and $49 for a five-license family pack upgrade will likely make it easier for most users to transition to the new operating system come September.

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I like the $29.00 upgrade price.  My one question is what happens if the upgrade blows up?  Would you have to reinstall the older version and try again?


This is why I almost always wait a few weeks, maybe even a month or two, before installing a new system. I’ll wait for probably 10.6.1 or even 10.6.2.


Does this mean no free t-shirt?


The upgrade would be a price but it wouldn’t be a partial. Rather I suspect you will get the whole boxed 10.6. Snow Leopard is such a change that I doubt that you could patch 10.5 up to 10.6.



I think you are correct.  In any case when the times comes for me to upgrade I will have 3 backups of everything.


“Hi”& thanks for a great site. With new Snow Leopard I have an older Dual 2.3 GHz Power PC G5. You mention that Leopard is for Intel PCs. Will my model operate with new Snow Leopard ? Ta in anticipation & Ciao. Philip T. Western Australia.


The PPC architecture is different from Intel. Up till now Apple has made two versions of things an Intel and a PPC. Some software is called Universal which just means that it has both code bases included. If Apple does make Snow Leopard Intel only then all PPC systems will be left behind. I doubt the installer would even run, but even if you were somehow able to trick it into installing, I don’t think a G5 system would boot to an Intel only version of OS-X.


My one question is what happens if the upgrade blows up?

That’s why I always wait a few months to let the early adopters flush the bugs out. I’m fine waiting for 10.6.1 or even 10.6.2


Thanks geoduck, There are to many power PC ‘s out there for Apple to ignore with Snow upgrade. Vince > To date I’ve had no trouble with any of the upgrades over last 8 years or so, Fingers crossed.  Ciao bilby


There are too many power PC ?s out there for Apple to ignore with Snow upgrade

Apple is saying Intel only.

It wold be great if someone got it to run on a G5, but I wouldn’t hold your breath.


It wold be great if someone got it to run on a G5, but I wouldn?t hold your breath.

Right. Listening to some of the podcast chatter, I heard a couple of guys comparing it to the original iMac having no floppy drive. And eventually no SCSI. For that matter, OSX leaving System 9, 8, 7 behind. In order to focus on developing the newer tech, they choose to let something else go unsupported.

Power PC’s will still run as well as ever. And presumably they’ll have tech support and repairs available. But the market moves on.


A functioning computer is just that.  Outside of Snow Leopard I have heard of a possible Leopard 10.5.8 upgrade down the road.  This is based on a past article I read somewhere so don’t jump me if I am wrong.  If I am right then that might be the holdover version of Leopard for PPC users.

Over the years my home has been littered with computers that wouldn’t run the latest version of Windows due to hardware limitations.  They still worked but just weren’t cutting edge any more.  It is very hard to walk into your office or den and see your investment fading in front of you.

In the case of the PPC, I think it is too early to bury them yet.  It has a large installed base and many apps to see it thru.  Still one day you will have to say good bye to an old friend.


G4 and G5s will not run SL. Period.

That’s the definitive word on the Apple Site. Not compatible.

But 10.5 will continue and my 7 year old G4 will keep working.

Not a huge issue for me at home. I don’t connect to an exchange server there. I do at work, but it’s with a Quad Core Mac Pro.

All G3s should be recycled at this point. Talk about LONG in the tooth.


10.4 runs great on my eMac (800MHz) and while I use Leopard on an aluminum iMac, I don’t miss it on the eMac. It works. Rock on!


“Thanks” every body. I hope vince7 is right I know that no matter our computer it’s obselete within a week ! Mine works well, Does what I want it to do but like all boy toys I always want the latest but in real world “Cant” !  “Cie la Vie”. Ciao b2,


SL is the best upgrade to ditch PPC.  Since it’s a new-feature-poor and streamlining rich update, PPC users aren’t going to feel like they’re missing much, and the overhaul of the software, compiling it as a universal would have been costly for minimal benefit.  How many PPC’s will be around for 10.7?  Will a G5 user miss having the 64 bit/ many core support, when upgrading the CPU will make a much more noticeable speed bump. 

I suspect 10.4 will run PPC’s for as long as they’re useful.


My one question is what happens if the upgrade blows up?  Would you have to reinstall the older version and try again?

That’s why I suggest you wait until the others have upgraded their system and then ask their comments about it. In that way you have an instant solution to your problem.
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