Snow Leopard Server Goes 64-bit

Along with iPhone Software 3.0, new MacBook Pro models and the iPhone 3G S, Apple introduced Mac OS X 10.6 Server during its World Wide Developer Conference in San Francisco. The new server OS, also called Snow Leopard Server, includes a new 64-bit kernel, and improvements for several features such as iCal, Address Book, and Podcast Producer.

Snow Leopard Server includes iCal Server 2 with support for push notifications along with automated alerts for changes to event entries or new invitations. It includes a Web-based client for working with iCal calendars, and iPhone and iPod touch users can view and modify their calendar data, too.

The new Address Book Server lets users share contacts among several computers. It supports the CardDAV format, includes controls for managing access to contacts, and more. The new Podcast Producer 2 supports dual-source video capture, capturing remote video, and picture-in-picture video.

Snow Leopard Server also includes Mobile Access Server for managing remote access to business networks. It offers secure access to services behind your firewall, and doesn't require client apps to access the network remotely.

Mac OS X Server 10.6 is set to ship in September for US$499 and includes unlimited licenses for Mac, Windows and Linux clients.