Snowboard Combines iPad, Steve Jobs Tribute

The clever team at Signal Snowboards love the iPad and wanted to make a tribute to Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, so they combined the two and designed the iShred snowboard. The completely custom snowboard was built as part of the Every Third Thursday program where the company designs and builds a new snowboard with unconventional materials and features.

The iShred is a one-off board with a built-in iPad, and an illuminated logo on the bottom of the board. The logo lights up when a rider steps into the board’s bindings, and the iPad is fully functional. The aluminum base is a first for the snowboard industry, and is a tip of the hat to Apple’s aluminum body designs for the iPad and MacBook lineup.

Signal Snowboards took the iShred to Loveland ski resort in Colorado to test it out. The aluminum base apparently works great for speed and riding rails, but isn’t much when it comes time to turn.

The team gets some snowboard FaceTime action at the bottom of the slope, and one member even manages to get a phone number and a potential date after the test run. If you want an iShred of your own, however, don’t go looking at your favorite ski and snowboard shop because Signal Snowboards made only one.