So Long, iPhone 4: Apple Drops Support in iOS 8

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The iPhone 4 joined the ranks of the original iPhone, iPhone 3 and iPhone 3GS on Monday as another device Apple is leaving behind. When iOS 8 ships this fall, it won't include support the older iPhone model, which means you'll need at least an iPhone 4S to try out the new features Apple announced earlier today.

Apple drops iPhone 4 support with iOS 8Apple drops iPhone 4 support with iOS 8

Dropping support for the iPhone 4 doesn't come as much of a surprise considering the OS was hobbled on the device, and left some users complaining of sluggish performance. The iPhone 4 doesn't, for example, support Siri voice control or the fluid visuals that are standard features on newer models.

The iPhone 4 marked the first major major redesign for the product like, going from the rounded edge look from previous models to the flat slab appearance that's still used today on the iPhone 5S.

iOS 8 will include new support for iCloud Drive file storage and syncing, voice memos in Messages, a learning keyboard called QuickType that offers context-appropriate word suggestions, the ability to add widgets to Notification Center, extensibility that lets apps share data and features, and more.

Apple said iOS 8 iPad 2 owners are still in the game and will be able to install the new OS, as will fifth generation iPod touch owners. Some features won't be available, however, on older supported devices.

iOS 8 will be a free update for compatible iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch models when it ships later this year.

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Apple maintains backwards compatibility for older hardware longer than many other companies do, but it isn't surprising to see the iPhone 4 dropped from the supported device list for iOS 8. Running iOS 7 on the iPhone 4 was frustrating, and several features weren't supported at all. iOS 8 would've been an exercise in pain on the iPhone 4.

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Color me shocked that my 4S will still be supported. My contracts up in a couple of months and I was figuring on moving to a 5C but maybe I’ll save my shekels for a little while longer.

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