So much for Never: ‘Famous’ from ‘The Life of Pablo’ Now on Apple Music

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Apparently "never never" can be quantified as 41 days, because that's how long it took Kanye West to go from Tidal-only with his newest album to offering a track on Apple Music—the very service he said "The Life of Pablo" would never see.

"Famous" from "The Life of Pablo" now on Apple Music

Kanye is one of the members of the streaming music service Tidal, which so far hasn't been able to seriously compete with Spotify and Apple Music. Tidal had hoped to gain serious traction by offering albums from big-name artists for streaming that aren't available anywhere else.

When Kanye released "The Life of Pablo," he said it wouldn't ever be for sale, and that the only way you could listen to the tracks was through Tidal. Now the track "Famous" is available on Apple Music and Spotify.

According to Pitchfork, the version of "Famous" on Apple Music and Spotify has slightly different lyrics. Kanye has been making changes to the tracks after "THe Lofe of Pablo" was released.

Kanye can save face by saying it's only one track, so technically his album is still exclusive to Tidal. Still, if Tidal was drawing in enough listeners, "Famous" probably wouldn't be available on other streaming music services.

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Thanks to Kanye we now know exactly how long "never" really is.

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Kanye is learning to be a true politician now.. Make statements/promises then reneg on them when it suits their needs.


And this is why we should never take at face value the words of anyone that is certifiably insane. wink

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