Some Apple TV Users Report Firmware Update Problems

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Some owners of Apple’s current generation of Apple TVs are reporting difficulty in updating the firmware on their devices. Apple’s Apple TV discussion forum is abuzz with users complaining that there device refuses to accept the update to version 4.2.2.

According to the reports, as well as the experiences of this reported, when attempted, the download starts, but after about thirty seconds you are greeted with a screen that says “The update was not successful.”

Starting on Wednesday, June 29th, some users in the thread reported that their updates went through, while others are still experiencing trouble with the update.


The Apple TV update notification

Apple TV Update Error

Running the update results in this error message for some users

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Curiously on Thursday in the early afternoon (Australian time) I was helping a client update their iMac’s 10.6 OS and ran into a similar problem….


I have four of the new Apple TV’s. Three updated with ease, the forth refused to cooperate. Nothing worked except the Apple TV. The defective unit worked just fine but it was not possible to update the firmware. I carried the unit to the local Apple Retail Store. They replaced the unit like they were familiar with the problem.

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