Sonos Adds AirPlay Support to ZonePlayer Speakers

Sonos announced Tuesday that the company has added AirPlay support to its Zonos ZonePlayer speakers. The company released version 3.4 of Sonos System Software, which adds the ability to use Apple’s own streaming iTunes technology, AirPlay, to send music from an iOS device to the ZonePlayer speakers in your home (office, etc.).

With version 3.4 of the software, users can plus an Apple AirPort Express into a single ZonePlayer, and then send music from your iTunes library to any and all of the ZonePlayer speakers you have installed. Using AirPlay, Sonos has made it possible to send the same song to every ZonePlayer speaker (Party Mode) or to send different songs to each individual ZonePlayer you have.

Sonos also updated its iPad and iPhone apps (free downloads) to take advantage of iOS multitasking features, which the company said makes those apps respond faster and perform better. In addition, the company has now released an Android client app for controlling ZonePlayers through Android devices.

Sonos AirPlay Support

Sonos adds AirPlay support