Sources Claim 13-inch MacBook Pro to go EOL this Fall

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13-inch non-Retina MacBook Pro EOL later this yearApple's non-Retina 13-inch MacBook Pro will be discontinued later this year, bringing an end to the non-Retina MacBook Pro line, and built-in optical drives in any Mac model. If the sources sharing the information are correct, that will leave just the MacBook Air without a high resolution Retina Display.

News of the planned product end come via sources speaking with DigiTimes. While DigiTimes doesn't always have the most reliable of sources, they are correct even if they have the timing wrong. Apple will discontinue the non-Retina 13-inch MacBook Pro at some point.

Sources for reports like this are often from the parts supply chain and not high-level managers that can see more of the production process. Making assumptions about product plans based solely on orders for individual parts is often like trying to describe an elephant from only its tail.

It's clear Apple is nearly done with its transition away from optical drives since the non-Retina 13-inch MacBook Pro is the only computer the company still sells with one installed. Including the drive means Apple must continue to make a laptop that's thicker than the rest of it's mobile computer lineup, and as far as the company is concerned, it's legacy hardware.

Apple isn't known for supporting what it sees as outdated technology, so the built-in optical drive will be gone from its product line -- and probably sooner instead of later.

Apple doesn't talk about future product plans, so exactly when the 13-inch MacBook Pro will fade away is still up in the air.

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Of course optical drives and non-retina displays will eventually disappear completely from Apple's product line. There isn't a question of "if," but instead "when." The only non-Retina Display MacBook Pro Apple offers now is a 13-inch model, and it's the only computer the company still sells with a built-in optical drive. It's day's are numbered.

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Lee Dronick

External optical drives are okay and I wish that I had gone that route. My MacBook Pro is getting heavier every day. smile


Agreed. My ‘12 15” MBP is a beast. I love using it but it’s heavy. I didn’t use the optical drive at all for the first year. Recently I’ve had occasion to use it for movies but once I’m done with the current project I don’t see needing it again. The one advantage of my current system is that there are kits to update the HDD and move the existing one to the optical bay. Having two drives is not an option the Retina MacBook Pro’s have.


geoduck, having _one_ affordable terabyte drive is not an option with the slim Retina MacBook Pro, and that’s the problem. Of course, _two_ terabyte drives is even less of an option.

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