South Korea Replacement iPhones No Longer Refurbished

Apple has changed its police regarding iPhone swap outs inSouth Korea, Instead of giving customers refurbished iPhones as replacements, as it does throughout the rest of the world, Apple will exchange defective units for brand new handsets, according to Bloomberg.

Apple’s new exchange policy in South Korea gives customers the option of getting a new iPhone instead of a refurbished unit for defects found within the first month after purchase. Customers can also choose to have their iPhone repaired for free, or receive a full refund.

Replacement iPhones in South Korea: New, not RefurbishedReplacement iPhones in South Korea: New, not Refurbished

The new policy came in response to a South Korean investigation into complaints that defective iPhones were being replaced with refurbished units when Apple’s own terms listed new iPhones as a replacement option. South Korean officials summoned Apple’s senior director of iPhone and iPod service operations, Farrel Farhoudi, to answer questions regarding the policy last October.

At the time, speculation suggested Apple was merely humoring South Korean officials by testifying and that the company had no intention of changing its local policies.

Now, however, it’s clear Apple had a change of heart, or at least went into last year’s question session knowing there was a possibility a policy change could happen.

With Apple’s revised iPhone exchange policy in place in South Korea, there’s a chance other countries could start pressuring the company to do the same for their customers.

Apple hasn’t commented on the new South Korean iPhone exchange policy.