South Park Marries Apple and Human Centipede

South Park kicked off their 15th season last night with an episode entitled, “HUMANCENTiPAD” where Colorado’s cartooned children are the subjects of one of the most bizarre parodies of our time. Playing on the popularity (and utter revulsion) of 2010’s “The Human Centipede” combined with Apple’s iPad pricing, iPhone location tracking, iTunes’ notoriously long EULA (end user license agreement) and, of course, Steve Jobs magnetic personality, this episode goes places no one ever expected, and perhaps no one should ever see. Still, it’s related to Apple, has a great caricature of Steve Jobs, and Apple’s “Business Casual G-men” are not to be missed. Not, that is, as long as you can stand the thought of people sewn together front-to-back (ahem) as the power source and brains of Apple next generation device.

Steve Jobs and the Business Casual G-Men

The show’s creators, Matt Parker and Trey Stone, have an uncanny ability to hit on timely subjects, and this week’s episode was no different. The two managed to take current concerns over location tracking log files that are stored on the iPhone and iPad 3G and push them to an extreme where Apple follows and abducts customers for product experiments. They also play off the fact that most people agree to software license terms without ever reading the agreements — or in this case, just Stan.

Definitely not safe for work. Certainly not safe for children. Likely not safe for you. Watch it if you must. If you dare. We did. We’re still here.

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Remember when Microsoft got this kind of abuse?  When there were cartoons about IE and Word EULA’s?  Now they’re all making fun of Apple and Microsoft is rarely mentioned in these parodies.

Yes, Apple has hit the big time.  You know you’re a success when shows like South Park devote entire episodes to make you look evil.


I remember watching the first season of Southpark…in my 20s. 15 years later, it’s not even on the radar.

Bosco (Brad Hutchings)

Damned funny.


I remember watching the first season of Southpark?in my 20s. 15 years later, it?s not even on the radar.

Agreed, they were good for a few years but IMO they jumped the shark a good while ago.


It wouldn’t surprise me if they did a show about jumping the shark. Not that I would know. After the MechaStreisandZilla, I can’t say I remember any topic. How long ago was that!

Dave Hamilton

That’s the funny thing. I used to watch South Park so it’s still in our TiVo Season Pass list, but I almost never watch it now. Last night my TV just happened to go to “live TV” with about 5 minutes left in the episode. Once we saw that, we just had to go back to the beginning and watch the whole thing.

Then, of course, we were (mostly) sorry we did. Still gives me the willies just thinking about it. smile


After the MechaStreisandZilla, I can?t say I remember any topic. How long ago was that!

For me, it was the one where Cartman’s hand became Jennifer Lopez (who likes tacos and burritos). That one was hands down the most hilarious South Park episode for my eyes and ears, Chulo!


Ok, the Human CentiPad episode did have some humorous elements, but for the most part it was deliberately creepy.

“Should I eat the cuttlefish and asparagus, or the vanilla pudding?” smile

Lesson learned, though: read those software update license agreements, kids!

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