Sponsor: CrashPlan

It is with great pleasure that I announce CrashPlan as this week's returning sponsor. We all know we're supposed to back up, and we even have some easy ways to do that locally now thanks to Apple building Time Machine into the OS. And that's good, but what happens if your Time Machine disk gets corrupted or, worse, what happens if it's stolen or damaged at the same time as your main Mac? Do you have another backup? One that can't get stolen or damaged at the same time as your Mac?

With CrashPlan you do. CrashPlan gives you the peace-of-mind that only comes with continuous, minute-to-minute, off-site backups of your data. It's fantastically easy to use, and because it backs up to the cloud you never have to worry about disks filling up or getting damaged or getting stolen. Just install, set it, and let it happen.

Restoring from CrashPlan is easy, too, and that's often overlooked when evaluating any kind of backup software. Without being able to restore, of course, backups lose a great deal of their perceived value, and thankfully CrashPlan makes restoration easy. You can either restore from within the CrashPlan application on your Mac or you can visit CrashPlan's site and choose to do a Web Restore. Either way, you've got the file (or files) you need and you're good to go.

Check it out today, you'll be glad you did. I just signed up for my third year of CrashPlan a few weeks ago, and I'm glad for that!