Sponsor: Other World Computing (OWC)

It is my distinct pleasure to welcome Other World Computing back as this week's sponsor here at TMO. OWC has been making upgrades and other products available to Mac users since 1988, and their commitment to quality and customer service stands for itself.

Listeners to recent episodes of Mac Geek Gab will know that I've been engaged in a series of SSD upgrades for older Macs, and OWC's SSDs factor prominently into that discussion. On our seven year old (!) MacBook Pro I installed some OWC RAM as well as an OWC Mercury Electra 3G SSD and, to quote that Mac's user, "it's like you got me a new computer!" The involved SSD cost less than $150.

And it truly is. Today's (and even last decade's!) computers are not constrained by the processor, they're constrained by the disk. OWC really understands how to make the right SSD for the right Mac, and their web-based store will guide you to exactly the right one for you (and ensure you don't over-spend on something that won't make a difference for you, too!).

RAM upgrades are something OWC has been doing since the beginning, and the folks there really understand what kind of RAM works in which Macs. Apple often plays it safe with their published "limits" on the maximum RAM for a given Mac. OWC tests those limits and beyond and finds out what you can safely use in every Mac - oftentimes that means being able to increase your RAM up to double what Apple states.

SSD and RAM aren't just the only upgrades OWC will help you with. Check out their Thunderbolt stuff, all their External USB2 and USB3 drives, and more. They also publish excellent installation videos to ensure you can dig into your Mac without it being the first time you've seen inside that exact model.

Thanks, OWC, not only for sponsoring TMO, but keeping the bar high for all these years. We wish you many more of them!

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