Sponsor: Smile's PDFpen 6

This week I have the pleasure of not only welcoming Smile back as our sponsor here at TMO, but also talking about a new version of their fantastic product, PDFpen. For those of you who don't know, PDFpen allows you to edit and modify your PDFs in many different ways. Need to add a signature to a PDF you've been sent? PDFpen can do it. Need to edit the text in an existing PDF? Yep, PDFpen can do that, too. Want to take a scanned PDF and use OCR to turn it into live text? PDFpen is your tool.

PDFpen 6 came out just last week and, as you would expect, adds several new features including the ability to export to Microsoft Word formats, something you and I have been asking about for quite some time! It also adds a new editing bar that enhances the UI quite a bit, making it easier to bounce around and access different tools quickly.

In addition, the enhanced version of the product, PDFpen Pro, adds the ability to set document permissions so you can restrict saving and printing plus it will now create form fields for you automatically.

Do yourself a favor and check it out, but let me give you a few quick instructions about that first. The good news is that a free trial is available directly from Smile, BUT — if you want to use iCloud to automatically store your PDFs and sync with PDFpen for iPad or iPhone you'll need the version from the Mac App Store. This is Apple's restriction, not Smile's. And if you choose not to use the MAS version you still get Dropbox syncing regardless.

You've heard enough from us on it, though: go get it and check it out. You'll be glad you did.