Spotify to Launch in U.S. July 14

U.S. music listeners will finally get the chance to try out Spotify starting on Thursday, July 14. Spotify is a popular online music streaming service in Europe, but until now has been dealing with launch delays in the U.S.

Spotify in the U.S. Really. No, really.Spotify is finally launching in the U.S. on Thursday

Rumors have been circulating that a U.S. launch would be coming any day, although the company hadn’t confirmed an official kick off date until now. Users will be able to sign up by invitation through the Spotify Web site.

As of last week, it appeared that three of the big four music labels had signed on with only Warner Music Group holding out. Presumably Warner and Spotify have finally reached an agreement.

Spotify hasn’t offered up any details about what U.S. customers can expect when the service launches, although it will be sharing more on Thursday morning.