Sprint Kills Smartphone Early Upgrade Program

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Sprint kills off One Up program after only four monthsOnly four months after it launched, Sprint has already killed off its One Up program that let users upgrade their smartphone every twelve months. AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile all offered similar plans before Sprint, and they aren't showing any indications that they plan to drop theirs -- unlike Sprint.

According to Sprint's customer support website, the One Up program was shut down on January 9, 2014. Now customers are being referred to the company's Framily Plan, which doesn't offer early upgrade options.

The One Up plan let users pay off their smartphone over a 24 month window with the option of upgrading in contract to a newer model after 12 months. Killing off the program after only four months, and when its competitors still offer similar options, may be a sign that Sprint saw One Up as a big money loser.

For now, smartphone users that want an easy upgrade option every twelve months will have to stick with AT&T, Verizon, or T-Mobile.

[Thanks to The Verge for the heads up]

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Killing off One Up only four months after it launched seems a bit premature. Maybe Sprint ran the numbers and realized they were looking at a huge money loss operation.

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Eric Lilly

What? 100+ a month price points for making calls were not desirable? Who woulda thought smile


You gotta wonder WHY anyone would sign up with Sprint for ANYTHING????

Benjamin Roethig

Jeff, that’s not entirely true.  With the $20/mo unlimited data upgrade on the Framily plans you get a once a year upgrade.


Benjamin Roethig is correct. With the base plan and the $10 3BG/mo add-on you do not get the upgrade every twelve months, but with the $20 unlimited data add-on you do. As a disclaimer, I am a Sprint employee, so have firsthand knowledge.


i’m a bit confused with this .. gonna have to think clearly again.


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