Steve Ballmer, As Portrayed by 80 Blue Screens of Death

Fake Steve Jobs has posted a fantastic mosaic of Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, a mosaic compiled of some 80 different photos of PCs in the grip of the Blue Screen of Death (a Windows hard crash). We thought it awesome enough to show it to you.

The image was put together by The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs (Fake Steve Jobs's online home) reader Fraser, who also has the pleasure of being the not terrible, but not great artist behind, where you too can purchase your poorly drawn portrait for about $15.

Check out the gallery on the site for some not terrible, but not great examples of art, and despite the awesomeness of this mosaic, we'll emphasize that they truly are poorly drawn.

Lastly, Fake Steve Jobs has a larger version of the image, including a nice close up of Mr. Ballmer's BSoD tongue so you can see the photos involved in the mosaic.

Steve Ballmer
Steve Ballmer, rendered via 80 BSoD photos.