Steve Jobs Wins Mobile World Congress Award

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Apple may not have been present at the Mobile World Congress event in Barcelona, but the company's CEO Steve Jobs still managed to win the show's Mobile Personality of the Year award. The new award was created especially for the event's 15th anniversary of its Global Mobile Awards ceremony, according to Macworld UK.

The award was designed to reflect "the contributions of individuals, established names, new thinkers, and rising starts, across the global industry and leaders of other industries that have contributed to the growth and convergence of mobile during the last year."

The nominees that lost out to Mr. Jobs included Google CEO Eric Schmidt, RIM co-CEO Mike Lazaridis, and HTC CEO Pete Chou.

The Mobile World Congress is a conference where companies show off their mobile devices and technologies. This year included many products geared towards competing with Apple's iPhone, such as Intel and Nokia's MeeGO platform and OS, and Microsoft's elegantly named Windows Phone 7 Series.

Popular British personality Stephen Fry hosted the event and said he would make sure Mr. Jobs received his award, and also referred to Apple as "the elephant in the room."

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the iElephant, coming soon

Lee Dronick

the iElephant, coming soon

It will cost us a lot more than peanuts smile

Sam Jobs

Steve Jobs is the most admired CEO of among all the CEO’s. He made significant improvement in the tech industry and surely he deserves the Mobile World Congress Award. This has also made the Apple company to raise high.

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