Strategy Expansion Vae Victis Features the Golden Age of Rome

Virtual Programming has released Vae Victis, an expansion to the strategy game Europa Universalis: Rome set during the golden age of the Roman Empire and featuring a cast of historical characters. Players must manage the relationship dynamics between those characters, keeping their strong personalities into account as the Senate works to pass laws.

The Senate is a major focus of the expansion, as players deal with Senators who ask them to fulfill missions and negotiate with the party in power, which may not share the players' goals. Players must also handle regional matters, working with local governors to grant citizenship to new areas under Roman control. Those new territories may not always mesh with the players' ambitions, however.


Vae Victus sells for US$14.95 and requires  Mac OS X version 10.3.9, an Intel or PowerPC G5 processor, 64MB video RAM, 512MB RAM, and 700MB hard drive space.