Street View Coming to Google's iOS Maps Web App

Google's Web-based Maps app for the iPhone will come even closer to its now gone native iOS app counterpart when it gets Street View support in about two weeks. Google began offering the Web app version of its maps after iOS 6 released with Apple's own Maps app.

Coming soon, again: Google maps Street ViewComing soon, again: Google maps Street View

Word that Street View will be available in the Google Maps Web-based app came courtesy of sources speaking with David Pogue at the New York Times. He also said that an iOS-native version of the Google Maps app should be available within a couple months.

Google's Web-based app currently offers the company's own map data, which pre-iOS 6 users are already familiar with, along with public transportation information, written directions instead of spoken turn-by-turn, and live traffic data. In comparison, Apple's own Maps app offers spoken turn-by-turn directions, 3D flyover view, live traffic data, doesn't offer Street View, and has been ridiculed for inaccurate map data.

Apple announced at its annual Worldwide Developers Conference earlier this year that is was dropping Google maps in favor of its own mapping solution. While it offers true turn-by-turn directions -- a feature Google Maps has offered on Android phones for some time -- it's still a new service and has plenty of room for improvement, just like Google's own map service was a few years ago.

Assuming Google does offer its own map app through the iTunes App Store, Apple could lose some of the iOS 6 user data it relies on to update and improve its own map data. With over 100 million iOS 6 download so far, however, there will still be plenty of users feeding updates and corrections back to Cupertino.