StudioGPU MachStudio Pro Adds Support for Google SketchUp Pro and Rhino Software

StudioGPU announced on Friday that MachStudio Pro will now offer free exporters for Google SketchUp Pro and McNeel Rhino 3D modeling and animation software. MachStudio Pro is a professional 3D-workflow and rendering package created for artists.

With these new exporters, 3D assets from SketchUp Pro 7 and Rhino 4 can be transferred into MachStudio Pro, where users can create and manipulate lights, materials and HDR cameras in a real-time non-linear environment. Frames that typically take hours to render can now be rendered in seconds and sub-seconds, eliminating the need for render farms.

Users can download the new Google SketchUp Pro 7 and Rhino 4 exporters and tutorials for free at the StudioGPU site.