StudioGPU MachStudio Pro Adds Support for Google SketchUp Pro and Rhino Software

| Product News

StudioGPU announced on Friday that MachStudio Pro will now offer free exporters for Google SketchUp Pro and McNeel Rhino 3D modeling and animation software. MachStudio Pro is a professional 3D-workflow and rendering package created for artists.

With these new exporters, 3D assets from SketchUp Pro 7 and Rhino 4 can be transferred into MachStudio Pro, where users can create and manipulate lights, materials and HDR cameras in a real-time non-linear environment. Frames that typically take hours to render can now be rendered in seconds and sub-seconds, eliminating the need for render farms.

Users can download the new Google SketchUp Pro 7 and Rhino 4 exporters and tutorials for free at the StudioGPU site.

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