Study Shows Music Makes for a Better Love Life

Want a better love life? Play some musicThey say music is the language of love, and now there's a study to prove it. Sonos commissioned a research project using their own gear along with Apple's iBeacons, iPhones, and the Apple Watch to study the effects of music on families, and one of their findings showed music led to 67 percent more sex.

Sonos rounded up 30,000 people from  U.S., Canada, U.K.,Germany, The Netherlands, France, Sweden and Australia to participate in a study conducted by United Minds. Dr. Daniel J. Levitin—a neuroscientist and author of This is Your Brain on Music—was an advisor for the study.

The study showed that listening to music out loud (as opposed to headphones) is good for lovers with 67 percent more bedroom fun time happening compared to those who don't play any tunes. They also found 47 percent in the study were more likely to say "I love you," and 24 percent felt moved to say "I love you" by the songs they heard.

It seems love is in the air when music is playing. Sonos said,

Our study shows that listening to music out loud can lead to more happiness. After music was introduced in the home, 43 percent of participants reported feeling extremely loved, an 87 percent increase from before there was music at home.

That's a whole lotta love.

The study also showed general happiness was higher, family members spent more time together, chores were easier to deal with, and people enjoyed cooking more, too. Dovetailing nicely with the cooking finding, participants spent 20 percent more time together in the kitchen when listening to music together.

Sonos put their streaming music players in participant homes, along with iBeacons to track where people spent their time. Everyone wore an Apple Watch to track location, heart rate, and other data, and anyone who didn't have a compatible iPhone was provided with one.

It's no coincidence that Sonos released their findings on the same day they announced Apple Music support for their players. Sure, that's a little self serving, but Sonos was looking to conduct an independent study into the effects playing music out loud has on individuals and groups.

What they found was that music drew friends and family together, people were happier overall, and yes, there was a lot more sex. Sonos doesn't infer people were all of these great things happened because of their products, or that listening to Apple Music is why couples had more fun time in bed; it was the act of listing to music together that made the difference.

The bottom line: If you want to be happier, spend more time with the people you love, and liven up your sex life, listen to music together.