SubEthaEdit 3 Adds New File System, Tracks Changes

TheCodingMonkeys announced the release of SubEthaEdit 3.0 on Monday. The new version has a new file system that preserves author meta data and allows users to track changes, collaborate offline and more.

Some of the major enhancements include:

  • All connections are 2048-bit SSL encrypted if possible.
  • Persistent file format that stores collaboration metadata and history with QuickLook support.
  • Collaboration metadata is preserved where possible.
  • Shiny new statistics window showing word, character and lines counts as well as a user history.
  • User Interface for mode recognition order and mode recognition triggers.
  • Restoring document contents after a crash (including metadata).
  • Highlighter supports unlimited nesting of states.

SubEthaEdit 3 is a free upgrade for all licensed users. It is a Universal Application and requires Mac OS X 10.4 or later. It is priced at ?29.