Sugar Games Releases Wendy's Wellness for Mac

Game developer Sugar Games announced Tuesday the release of Wendy's Wellness, a time management game in which players must build a chain of 10 wellness centers.

The story is set in a big bustling city currently lacking wellness centers, so the citizens have no special place that would help them relax after a hectic workday and keep fit. Players take on the role Wendy, who decides to start her own chain of wellness centers, and her uncle, a professional trainer, who offers help and useful advice.

Players will at first you have to deal with basic equipment and to do all the work by themselves, though as the chain of centers grows, the number of customers increases and Wendy's wellness centers will become better-equipped, glamorous and popular with the citizens. Players will then need to use all your management skills to cope with the great number of customers and to hit the objectives of each level. But your hard work will be rewarded by the customers' gratitude and, of course, by their tips. 

Wendy's wellness center is visited by different types of customers: football players, cheerleaders, ballet dancers, gymnasts, businessmen, fatties and flirty girls. Above all customers there are icons denoting what they want: warming-up, treadmill exercises, taking a bath, body massage, doing yoga or tanning. Of course, there is a line, and the customers are waiting for you to serve them. Some of them are more patient than others and their patience is shown as hearts above a customer's head, which disappear one by one as she (or he) loses his patience. When there are no hearts left, the customer leaves without paying; so you should be attentive to impatient customers and serve them quickly and properly. You can also buy a mini-bar with drinks and aroma oil that makes your customers more patient and calm

The game boasts the following features:

  • 50 challenging levels and 10 fancy centers 
  • 12 VIP training mini-games 
  • 6 Wendy's skills to develop
  • 30 equipment upgrades to purchase and 3 employees to hire
  • Relaxing music and pleasant game environment

Wendy's Wellness is available as a demo, retails for $19.95 for a single-user license and requires Mac OS X 10.3 or later to install and run.