Super Shock Football Recreates Tabletop Pigskin on the iPhone

Chillingo, in conjunction with developer Steamroller Studios, on Monday announced the release of Super Shock Football, which recreates the tabletop electric football games of decades past. The game includes an optional vibrating function that mimics those old games, which would shake the table when a tackle was made.

Players use their device's touch screen to throw passes, run with the ball, kick field goals, and more, with over 20 plays at their disposal. Plays can be changed by moving around the players before the snap. More than 40 achievements are available to be unlocked as players progress through the game, with the ability to boast about it on the online leader boards.

A split-screen two-player mode is available, along with three difficulty settings, statistics tracking, full 3D camera control, and a day/night cycle that syncs with the time of day where players are located. Five silly teams are included.

Super Shock Football is US$1.99, half off for a limited time (Chillingo didn't say how long). iPhone OS 2.2.1 is required.