Suppliers Counter Rumors of Declining MacBook Sales

Sources from parts suppliers are shooting down rumors that Apple is cutting back on its fourth quarter MacBook Pro shipments. The rumors surfaced following reports of limited hard drive availability because of flooding in Thailand, and because the MacBook chassis manufacturer, Catcher Technology, was ordered to shut down its factory to install new health and safety equipment.

MacBook Pro parts orders aren't dropping offParts suppliers say MacBook Pro orders aren’t dropping off

Catcher Technology has finished installing new pollution-reducing equipment, and factory is set to start production again after completing a government inspection, according to DigiTimes.

The China-based factory was shut down in October by government officials after receiving complaints about pollution. Catcher had hoped to reopen by the end of October, but is still waiting for its final government inspection.

Catcher Technologies produces the unibody frames Apple uses for its MacBook laptop lineup. Each laptop body is milled from an aluminum block by robotic cutters.

The sources that confirmed Catcher Technology is ready to resume production said their inspection should happen soon, but didn’t offer a specific date.