Survey Finds 74% of Enterprises with Macs Plan to Add More

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The Enterprise Desktop Alliance (EDA) on Tuesday released the results of a survey of 314 IT administrators in which it found that 235, or 74%, plan to increase the number of Macs at their companies. Less than 2% said they plan to reduce their Mac install base. Sixty percent of the respondents manage 100 or more Macs at their companies.

In addition, 91% of those surveyed said they were concerned about integration and management parity between Macs and PCs. When choosing issues that were of primary importance to them (they could select more than one), 58% of the respondents cited integration with Active Directory while 53% noted client management, including patches and compliance, and 42% were concerned about sharing files between heterogeneous systems. Configuration consistency, application compatibility, non-standard management utilities, security, and data recovery rounded out the list.

EDA is an alliance of developers who want to make it easier for network administrators to maintain Macs in their organizations.

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148 Proof

Another grasping for news story…

Let’s see here, out of the less than 1% of enterprises that do use Macs, 74% plan to add more. Wow a whopping 0.74%. That’s out of the corporate base, so basically it’s nil. I tire of upbeat stories about Mac sales that have no meaning whatsoever. Kind of like the one that was going around last week entitled “Survey: Young Japanese Women Prefer Apple Design”. News worthy? I think not.

And yes I use OS X exclusively. I just don’t need sunshine blown up my….

Allen Murdock

The story says that out of the 314 administrators interviewed, sixty percent currently support 100 or more Macs in their environments.

148 Proof

The story says that out of the 314 administrators interviewed, sixty percent currently support 100 or more Macs in their environments.

So 188.4 have more than 100 Macs. We are still talking about the corporate sector here, where Mac usage is basically nil.

That math goes like this:

Corporate Sector Macs: Basically and realistically *much* less than 1% of total enterprise machines.

60% of them have 100 or more Macs (according to the survey).

Best case scenario (giving Apple the full 1%): 0.6% of the administrators have 100 or more Macs - just over half a percent. Taking into account the entire corporate sector, the number is actually much smaller; probably less than 0.3% (that’s 3 tenths of 1%). Even that is being generous.

Apple has a tough road to hoe to make inroads into the corporate sector. Apple doesn’t seemed concerned with it. It’s really the IT admins that are bringing the Macs in (or need to because of specialty situations). Apple is not reaching out in this respect.


Ya, does anyone have any real data about this? It’s great to say more Macs are being used in the enterprise, and great to dispute that claim, and/or say the percentage is still miniscule.

How about real info, anybody know any truly reliable sources?

While we’re at it, this story, as posted by Macsimum News, says EDA claims a lower TCO - total cost of operation, for Macs, as well as greater productivity;  does anybody know how they can make these claims, i.e. what studies, etc. they’re using?


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